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Bene Office Maker


Bene is publishing an innovative online tool to design office environments: The Bene Office Maker ( is a new online application that makes the design of office spaces delightfully easy.

When you start planning an office space, you may quickly find that it’s much harder than you initially thought it would be. What does a modern office actually do? What needs to be considered? And how can an office space perfectly support a company’s culture and processes?”

This is why Bene developed the Office Maker, a handy online tool to offer support in the initial phases of office space design. The Bene Office Maker is a digital tool that enables a conveniently easy visualisation of office settings. The online application just asks a few simple questions about the user’s company, work methods and workflows.

The results are automatically processed into a customised solution. The Office Maker immediately represents each new input in a 3D sample office layout. The user can get an instant idea of what the office will look like, along with insights into which questions should be asked at the start of the office planning and which criteria play a role. In a next step, potential customers have the opportunity to discuss the planning suggestion with Bene and design the best possible office landscape.




“The Bene Office Maker offers an easy and playful introduction to the complex area of the contemporary office,” explains Jens Zimmermann, Director of Marketing at Bene AG. “We know that the office is also a living space and source of inspiration for employees. The ideal office thus has to offer various zones and areas that enable concentrated work as well as open exchanges and communication. These are new requirements for the design of work spaces and therefore for the planning as well.”

Particular emphasis was placed on the simple and intuitive handling of the Office Maker. The application works on PCs and mobile end devices (cell phones and tablets) – all you need is an Internet connection. The Bene Office Maker was developed in cooperation with “adaptive architecture” and “WMD-Branding”, a team of specialists in innovative planning methods.

Try it for yourself!