Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

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Clerkenwell Design Week

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Thank you for visiting the Bene London showroom during Clerkenwell Design Week. It was great to see you!

With so many new products, trends and ideas being presented this year, there’s bound to have been something that you missed. That’s why Bene have teamed up with graphic facilitators Scriberia; to capture some of the festival’s key themes on the Nice Wall powered by We-inspire.

Throughout the week, Scriberia created a rich and evolving digital tapestry of the festival experience – incorporating visitor suggestions, insights and quotes. Download the full mural here to see their results.

Graphic Facilitation on the Nice Wall by Scriberia













Graphic facilitation is about harnessing the power of visual thinking to spark conversations, trigger memories, invigorate passions, find solutions, highlight connections and elevate ideas that might otherwise be lost. It’s about giving thoughts clarity, and making them more memorable, more shareable and more versatile.

Scriberia’s work is as rich in content and context as it is in style. Graphic facilitation is about much more than simple visual notetaking or drawing nice pictures. More

Nice Wall powered by We-inspire

Co-creation needs a space where people can share and develop ideas together. The Nice Wall, powered by We-inspire, connects analogue and digital working methods to  encourages dynamic communication and animated interactions by harnessing digital technology to support innovation processes.

The Nice Wall ensures that workshops, brainstorming sessions, project meetings, technical coordination and so much more can be conducted in a professional, efficient and involving manner.